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PFC and  AHF

Get your power quality into shape

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Power quality (PQ) problems are one of the major causes of unscheduled downtime, equipment malfunction and damage in the commercial industry. PQ also has a significant impact on operating costs due to an increase in power losses and the equipment lifespan reduction.

The effects of one or more harmonic sources on an electrical power system depend mainly on the characteristic frequency response.

Non-linear devices or loads can be represented as sources of harmonic currents so the harmonic distortion of voltage in the system depends on the impedance-frequency characteristic. The frequency response of the system can be influenced by several factors.


Most utilities have specific policies for billing reactive energy and apply price penalties if the power factor is not within the contractual limits. Therefore, PFC is required to operate efficiently power systems connected to utility networks. For installations supplied by captive power plants, power factor correction is also useful to optimize the component rating and reduce the losses.



Built to IEC61439-2 standard, Incorporating over rated components, Advanced thermal design


Fully Tested

Dialetric, Routine testing. Capacitor discharge testing.

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High Quality Components

Inert gas pressure disconnect  technology. Replacing historic oil filled.

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Safety Standards

Certified, Rigorous testing. Standardised 

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Superior Flexibility

Fixed, withdrawable or plug-in devices available, with various cable termination entry points.


Design Variation

Modular design concept. 200mm base footprint adaptable in any dimension

Standards and Certificates

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ISO9001: 2015


UL892 Deadfront Switchboards

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