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EV Charging Pillars

The Future is green, upgrading to workplace charging will help retain staff.


Work Place Charging


Take the leap by installing charging infrastructure at work, you can encourage your staff to make the switch to an electric vehicle and adopt a green approach to commuting.


The commute home seems a lot less stressed with a fully charged tank for the morning.....



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Up to 4000A Package Substation


Quality Assured

Certified, Rigorous testing. Standardised 

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High Quality Components

Latest protection technology.

safety - Copy.png

 Safety Standards

Vandle Proof. Door interlocking as standard

Flexible Icons.png

Superior Flexibility

Fixed, withdrawable or plug-in devices available, with various cable termination entry points.


Design Variation

Modular design concept. 200mm base footprint adaptable in any dimension


Standards and Certificates

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ISO9001: 2015


UL892 Deadfront Switchboards

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